Abracadabra Sleep Elixir
Abracadabra Sleep Elixir

Abracadabra Sleep Elixir

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This sleep elixir oil is a deeply relaxing proprietary blend of naturally calming essential oils infused with amethyst crystals.

This natural sedative may help to decrease the severity of insomnia and support restful sleep.


Apply to the bottoms of the feet to disperse the oil evenly before bedtime.

Key Benefits

Organic Vetiver Essential Oil - supports deep relaxation + restful sleep, a natural sedative for severe anxiety, stress or fear

Organic Cedarwood Essential Oil – grounding, energy centering + calming, promotes emotional balance

Amethyst Crystals – support peaceful dreaming, restful sleep + environmental protection from negative energies


Fractionated coconut oil (infused with amethyst crystal energy), sweet almond oil, essential oil blend (organic vetiver, organic lavender, cedarwood, ho wood leaf, organic ylang-ylang, marjoram, roman chamomile, vanilla bean, Hawaiian sandalwood), vitamin E